Enabling Electric Vehicle friendly networks and neighbourhoods

Support the growing EV community in Victoria, Tasmania, and ACT by registering to be part of the EV Grid trial in 2021. Trial participants will receive a free wall-mounted smart charger installed at no cost, for a standard install (valued at $2,200)*.

Who is the trial for?

The trial is for a limited number of EV owners in Victoria, Tasmania, and ACT, who have off-street parking


All EVs

The smart charger is compatible with all EV makes and models, including Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Home Charging

You'll need off-street parking so we can wire up a dedicated circuit from your switchboard to the wall-mounted charger

Renters & Homeowners

This trial is for both renters and homeowners, however renters will need permission from their landlord to install the wall-mounted charger

Solar Friendly

If you have Rooftop Solar PV installed you are also eligible to participate in this trial, and you may benefit from the smart charger enabling day charging

Faster Charging

Most EVs come with a basic charger. The wall charger you will receive (and get to keep) as part of this trial will charge your car up to 3x faster than standard chargers

Smarter Charging

Did we mention these chargers are smart?

Think of it like a smart thermostat that you can program and adjust charging preferences


What is the trial for?

The trial is to enable participating electricity networks to test demand response capability using electric vehicle charging infrastructure, where customers will be rewarded for their participation

Who is involved in the trial?

The following electricity distributors have collaborated together to run this special trial for 176 lucky EV owners


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"Electric vehicles will be vital for a future electricity grid that is resilient and affordable. This project will deliver a key piece of that puzzle: collaboration between the electric vehicle driver and the distribution network, which, if sustained, will contribute to delivering cheaper electricity for everyone”

Tim Washington

Founder & CEO, JET Charge